What are the causes of gray hair?

Gray hair – usually associated with age. Most aging people especially those who are concerned with the way they present themselves would do anything to cover up any sign of grey hair.

For most people, the greater your age the more gray hairs you will have. Though this is true, there are other factors that affect the growth of gray hair. Even though, age plays a very big part in turning your natural hair color to gray, there are cases when gray hairs grow in as early as teenage years. Teenagers who experience this will most probably have a hard time dealing with the problem since peer pressure is very high in this stage of life.

Before discussing the causes of gray hair, let us first determine what is it that gives color to our hair?

By knowing this, we can thoroughly understand why gray hairs occur. There are cells in our hair follicles called Melanocytes, these melanocytes produce a product called Melanin, and this melanin gives our hair its natural color. Once a problem occurs within the production of melanin, as a result, gray hair comes out. In the case of aging, most of the body’s mechanism starts to degrade, this include the ability of the melanocyte to produce melanin, that’s why we develop grey hair as we grow older.

Factors causing the growth of gray hair at an early age could be the following:

  • Heredity

If both your parents start to grow grey hair at an early age, then most probably you’ll inherit that trait. If both your parents still have natural black hair and you start to grow gray hair at an early age; that is probably caused by a certain medical condition.

There are three most common medical conditions that affect the growth of gray hair:

  1. One of these medical conditions is B12 deficiency or sometimes associated with pernicious anemia. Having B12 deficiency affects the development of melanin in your hair giving it a gray color;
  2. Another medical condition is thyroid disease; an abnormal amount of activity of the thyroid could affect the ability of the melanocytes to produce melanin and, as a result, would give you that gray hair;
  3. The third most common medical condition that causes gray hair is called vitiligo. It is an autoimmune disease, meaning the body attacks itself, causing the destruction of the melanocytes. Without the melanocytes to produce melanin, the hair will turn into gray.

The best thing to do when you have signs of gray hair while you are still below the age of thirty is to consider going to the doctor for checkups. In this way, you’ll know exactly the cause of your gray hair.

However, if it is certain that the growth of gray hair is not related to your age, you can try alternative treatments to reverse gray hair. If it does not work, there are hair dyes available to cover up that gray colored hair. Whatever ways you choose to correct your hair color problems, it is important that you maintain confidence with the way that you look.

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