What are the causes of gray hair?

Gray hair – usually associated with age. Most aging people especially those who are concerned with the way they present themselves would do anything to cover up any sign of grey hair.

For most people, the greater your age the more gray hairs you will have. Though this is true, there are other factors that affect the growth of gray hair. Even though, age plays a very big part in turning your natural hair color to gray, there are cases when gray hairs grow in as early as teenage years. Teenagers who experience this will most probably have a hard time dealing with the problem since peer pressure is very high in this stage of life.

Before discussing the causes of gray hair, let us first determine what is it that gives color to our hair?

By knowing this, we can thoroughly understand why gray hairs occur. There are cells in our hair follicles called Melanocytes, these melanocytes produce a product called Melanin, and this melanin gives our hair its natural color. Once a problem occurs within the production of melanin, as a result, gray hair comes out. In the case of aging, most of the body’s mechanism starts to degrade, this include the ability of the melanocyte to produce melanin, that’s why we develop grey hair as we grow older.

Factors causing the growth of gray hair at an early age could be the following:

  • Heredity

If both your parents start to grow grey hair at an early age, then most probably you’ll inherit that trait. If both your parents still have natural black hair and you start to grow gray hair at an early age; that is probably caused by a certain medical condition.

There are three most common medical conditions that affect the growth of gray hair:

  1. One of these medical conditions is B12 deficiency or sometimes associated with pernicious anemia. Having B12 deficiency affects the development of melanin in your hair giving it a gray color;
  2. Another medical condition is thyroid disease; an abnormal amount of activity of the thyroid could affect the ability of the melanocytes to produce melanin and, as a result, would give you that gray hair;
  3. The third most common medical condition that causes gray hair is called vitiligo. It is an autoimmune disease, meaning the body attacks itself, causing the destruction of the melanocytes. Without the melanocytes to produce melanin, the hair will turn into gray.

The best thing to do when you have signs of gray hair while you are still below the age of thirty is to consider going to the doctor for checkups. In this way, you’ll know exactly the cause of your gray hair.

However, if it is certain that the growth of gray hair is not related to your age, you can try alternative treatments to reverse gray hair. If it does not work, there are hair dyes available to cover up that gray colored hair. Whatever ways you choose to correct your hair color problems, it is important that you maintain confidence with the way that you look.

Grey Hair No More Natural Solution

Reversing Gray Hair – The Truth

The general impression that once a person has gray hair, he or she is old. Most of the time, hair color is associated with age, but few people understands that there are different factors affecting hair color. Even in teenage years, a person can have gray hair, and this could cause a lot of problems to the person.

A lot of people today are more concerned about how they look rather than looking out for their health. That is why it’s not surprising that a lot of beauty products are in demand in the market these days.

Unknown to most people, these products are created with different chemicals, and that too much exposure to these chemicals could definitely ruin their health. Even in hair dye, people neglected the health risk that they are into just to get a younger look.

There are other natural ways on how to reverse gray hair, but how true are these natural alternative methods? Before we go on to that, let us first determine the different methods that could pose great danger to your health.

In reversing gray hair, many would resort to cosmetic treatment which includes artificial coloring which is made from certain chemicals that is proven to cause cancer in lab rats. Too much exposure to these products will not only ruin your hair, but your life as well. There are also medical treatments that involves taking up certain medicines to reverse the effects of gray hair. Such medicines include Auxins, Imatinib Mesylate, and Gleever. These medicines are not over the counter drugs and needs prescriptions from a registered physician. Along with obtaining the prescription, you should also discuss with your doctor the different side effects that you might encounter upon using the drug.

Nowadays, businessmen are now making use of natural ingredients to make hair dye to make their products safer for consumers to use. There are also treatments that use natural ingredients which include Eugenol Oil, Amla Oil, Melantin, Retin-A, and a lot more. Home remedies includes natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. Tea and Coffee could be a natural source for hair color to cover up those gray hairs.

There are also other routines that you might want to consider like brushing your hair twice a day. The reason behind this is that it stimulates your hair, making it more active and healthier. Another is to determine the cause; sometimes, gray hair is a result of poor diet. Especially when you are still young and you suddenly find out you’ve developed gray hair, you should look onto your diet if you have been eating healthy foods. Vegetables are a good example of foods that you should be eating to prevent an early onset of gray hair.

Hair color is determined by the number of melanin in your hair follicle, as we age, their number of production starts to decrease thus giving us gray colored hair. According to research, it is not impossible to reverse gray hair. Scientists have, in fact, conducted experiments on gray haired rats and have successfully brought back its natural color. In the future, we might enjoy this kind of break through, and you will no longer have to worry about gray hair.

Superfoods for Maintaining Healthy Black Hair Color

Through the years we have all learnt that a well-balanced diet is healthy for our body and critical for optimal health and performance. Our hair is no different. A mixture of protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and iron are all required for healthy, strong looking hair.

Good hair nutrition begins with getting enough protein, which is the foundation of your hair. Then you need complex carbohydrates to help assemble the proteins for hair growth. Other important vitamins and minerals include B complex, which is associated with energy production and building good healthy hair and skin issues, folic acid, B12, and zinc.

Hair follicles can have low energy levels just like we do. It is then very important that you eat a high protein meal at the start of each day. Consider the following food choices for breakfast and the other daily meals in order to give you hair the healthiest opportunity to grow and thrive.

If you don’t have high cholesterol, try eating red meat twice per week. It has the protein your hair needs, but also is full of B vitamins, iron and zinc, which are all important for healthy hair. Bacon is another great choice! It’s also full of B vitamins, zinc and protein, but since it’s also high calorie, it’s not the best choice if you’re also trying to lose weight.

Eggs and egg whites are another great protein option, especially for vegetarians or those who cannot eat red meat or bacon due to dietary restrictions. Another alternative of great protein choice is Salmon, and works great for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. You’ll find it’s also full of B vitamins, including B12, and other vitamins and minerals.

Just be sure to keep in mind that you should also have complex carbohydrates, which feed you energy over a longer period of time than refined carbohydrates, with your protein source at meals. Brown short-grain rice is an ideal form. It’s also a good source of B vitamins and some fiber. Whole grain choices complement your protein consumption by helping organize the proteins for the hair to utilize for optimal growth and health.

The above are great for maintaining healthy color of your hair. But what if your hair is turning gray prematurely?

Not to worry, a great natural remedy that can actually REVERSE the gray in your hair.

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