A 54 year-old woman lowered her blood sugar naturally and lost 10 pounds in 28 days

Insulin Injection

Morning routine went from waking up and eat whatever and whenever you want to eat to this:

Needing to use the glucose monitor to check how high my blood sugar was.

Heading next for the fridge to grab a bottle of insulin

Get an alcohol swab to clean off my skin

Prepare a syringe and give myself a shot of insulin

Now .. finally time to eat. tired of this routine and this is not fun!

There’s HOPE!

Delicious nutrition-packed blood sugar balancing foods that make you feel full of energy and what’s best, gives you peace of mind and hope for tomorrow knowing that you are taking good care of yourself today.

Losing weight wasn’t the main objective, the key motive is wanting to lower blood sugar and the weight loss came as a nice surprise for eating healthy.

A Master Herbalist who became a mentor, advised to eat differently but properly has given hope that diabetes can actually be reversed.

The meals were so delicious and finding this new way of eating forward looking to every meal. In just days of eating this new way for good health instead of eating “whatever”, blood sugar went down.

A few weeks later, blood sugar kept going lower and finally reaches the normal range .. and Metformin is not needed anymore!

The Daily diabetic diary was kept and shown to the doctor at the next appointment and the doctor was equally surprised and confirmed that pills are not needed anymore. It’s a moment of Extreme JOY and Relief!

That’s not all!

In the process, 10 pounds was lost in the first 28 days and then 13 pounds in 45 days … all without any exercises!

Eating according to the two-step meal plan makes you look good .. feel younger and brings wonderful peace of mind that I didn’t have before when knowing that cheating and eating foods that shouldn’t be eaten as a diabetic.

Popping a chocolate chip cookie into the mouth maybe a moment of cheating when no one is watching .. but who’s going to pay for the price for all the unhealthy food taken in behind closed doors where there were no eyes to judge?

Will it work for you?

If you are willing to follow diligently and eat the recommended delicious nourishing foods, you can almost certainly lower your blood sugar and lose weight!

It’s really a Choice: Eat for Health or Not to?

Either you slowly watch as complications creep into your life. Most of the diabetic complications are irreversible by the way ..eyesight doesn’t return .. you don’t get your leg back after amputation .. kidney and heart disease as well as painful neuropathy.

Choose right now at this moment to live the healthiest life possible and willingly make changes to your diet.

Discover and Follow this Diet Today!